Fireworks Night at Fantasy Island Fun Park

Fireworks exploding over a body of water.

Fireworks Night at Fantasy Island Fun Park!

Guy Fawkes: A Sparkling Night to Remember

Step into a world where the sky comes alive with a dazzling display of fireworks! Why not come down to Fantasy Island Fun Park, in Weymouth, we’re setting the stage for a fireworks night that will light up your memories.

It’s not just about the bangs and pops, there’s a special sort of magic about Guy Fawkes Night. Everyone, from the little ones to the grown-ups, can appreciate the stunning patterns of light playing out against the night sky.

Keeping Warm with Delicious Hot Chocolate

What could be better than snuggling up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate while you take in the fiery spectacle? There’s nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a warm cup of hot chocolate while you watch the fireworks.

The Perfect Place to Watch the Fireworks

With a stunning backdrop of Bowleaze Cove and the Jurassic Coast, Fantasy Island Fun Park offers the perfect vantage point to witness this mesmerising display. It’s no wonder we’re often referred to as the perfect place to watch the fireworks.

Join Us on 5th November for a Night to Remember!

If you fancy joining us for this year’s Fireworks Night, we’d be delighted to welcome you. Come along, grab a hot chocolate, and enjoy the show – it promises to be a memorable night. See you there!